I didn’t know you did that… (Part 1)

Daren Kearl is the Community Development Librarian for Canterbury and Swale District and is based at the Beaney. His role includes working with partners and the local community.

A series of blogs on things you probably didn’t know The Beaney offered…

Bag Books

  • Bag Books are multi-sensory stories. Each book consists of individual pages of card, with items and materials attached which help the listener get inside the story. All kinds of noisy, smelly, feely objects and materials take the listener on a sensory journey. As well as being educationally approved they are also great fun!

book bags1

  • To find the collection on the online catalogue use the “Quick Search”, select “Publisher” from the dropdown menu and enter “Bag Books”.
  • The Beaney holds a small selection of Bag Books. They form part of a countywide collection that can be reserved in free of charge.

Who are they aimed at?

  • Bag Books are age appropriate stories for children, young adults and adults

They are suitable for:

  • children whose attention skills are not yet fully developed
  • pre-school and very young mainstream children as well as pre-school children with a visual impairment.
  • children and adults with the most severe learning disabilities
  • children on the autistic spectrum / ADHD children
  • children and adults with severe or profound physical difficulties

Bag Books can be borrowed by individuals (parents/carers) as well as groups, occupational therapists etc.


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